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Born and raised in Geneva, Garance was exposed to and instilled with a passion for music from an early age, taking special influence from her parents record collection, which exposed her to everything from blues and jazz to late 60s/70s rock to disco.

A grounding in music theory accompanied this early interest as she played flute and bagpipes for a period of fifteen years. At the age of 14, however, a radio show called “Pump It Up Live” on Swiss radio station Couleur 3 changed things. Garage, house, acid, deep house, techno; she became exposed to all of these new and exciting sounds through the medium of her radio, and this one specialist show.

She quickly launched herself into record buying, a hobby which began in 2005 with vinyl. This feverish consumption of music and dedication to DJing led quite naturally to her first attempts at making beats.The past few years have seen Garance break into the international circuit with acclaimed gigs in Geneva (Electron Festival, Silencio, La Gravière, etc.), Lausanne (La Ruche, Chocolate Festival), Berlin (Ritter Bützke) and Brazil (D-Edge).

Armed with her grounding in music theory, the technical know-how, and a growing tour schedule, it was not long before she was picked up by small independent labels, and released an EP on Alex Niggemann’s much-respected Soulfooled imprint as well as on Fabio Gianelli’s District Raw label. 2015 will see Garance release further new material and continue to climb the ranks within the global music community. Listen up.