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Born and resident in Switzerland Iberian blood, David Durango, whose real name is David Duran, became interested in the acid-house at age 13. Living in an environment close to hip hop, his passion for graffiti was quickly displaced by the courses and the mixer. At 15 he decided to invest their small savings to buy the necessary punch with vinyl material. Throughout the 90 very influential for him, attracted by the phenomenon of raves begins to discover techno, trance and hard tech, and its clear vocation for electronic music, despite that in his sets stays in a somewhat softer and quality as in the field of tech-house.

In 2000, Ceyda (vocals), Greg (drums) and David (guitar) appear in the life of David Durango and together they begin a new project, a band called Coma Blank with which begins producing electro pop-rock. In 2005, David regain contact with the electronics club. His passion for music is such that decides to devote all his time to produce, David creates a clear strong, harmonious and highly personal quality that leads to him being in the charts of artists world-class sound. Its sound quality and very distinct style takes you to edit in world-class stamps as Poker Flat, LIVE MUSIC, Suara, Soulfooled, Dessous, Resopal, and etc. Include its consolidation as a producer in 2009 and 2010 when signs two EP’S with the mythical and historical label NRK MUSIC something brand and definitely his career was very special for him. There David Durango for a while …. this 2015 signs a remix in Spanish stamp Oh! My God Recordings (Madrid) and soon a subtle EP on vinyl, a tireless career and consolidated with clear smell of success work, music, Family and Health.